Slideshow: How Mobility Is Reshaping the Globe

Slideshow: How Mobility Is Reshaping the Globe

We’re in the midst of a mobile revolution that extends far beyond your phone. Here are 25 ways new global connections are driving innovation and societal change.

Consider this: More than 200 million Americans own a smartphone today — twice as many as just five years ago. Worldwide, smartphone numbers are set to reach 2 billion this year and an astounding 6 billion by 2020. The mobile economy is on pace to reach $2 trillion globally by 2017.

For many businesses, mobile has become the primary touch point with customers. But take a look through a wider lens, and it’s clear the mobile economy exists within a larger and much broader development in global business: a revolution in mobility in general.

Mobility includes digital-mobile technology, of course, but also all of the transformational personal, logistical and social changes critical to e-commerce. Food is more mobile. Biomedicine is more mobile. Electronic banking has made global capital more mobile. Innovation itself is more mobile.

And that’s a good thing, because mobility is truly reshaping the globe. This year’s FedEx Access 25 digs into how that’s happening.

Mobility is empowering people as consumers and as part of a global workforce. Thanks to mobility, experts can collaborate and consumers can shop from anywhere, even in the most remote corners of the world.

Mobility is reshaping the globe by fueling innovation. From robotic exoskeletons to crisis-relief mapping to the continuous rise of cities such as Dubai, mobility is bringing dramatic change to nearly every industry.

Mobility is an agent for societal change. Access to healthcare, education, the arts and more is improving the infrastructure of our world in every imaginable way.

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