A Decade of Innovation and Ideas, Brought to You by Access

A Decade of Innovation and Ideas, Brought to You by Access

FedEx was built on the idea of access and that connections make the world a better place. That’s why, 10 years ago, we created the Access program to share stories about the people, places and things defining global opportunity and connectivity. A lot has changed in one decade. The iPhone hadn’t yet been introduced and apps didn’t exist. Ride-sharing wasn’t an idea beyond the basic carpool, much less a billion-dollar industry. The potential of Dubai, our cover story, as a dominant commercial and financial crossroads was just beginning to be realized.

With this 10th anniversary issue of Access, we celebrate the innate desire of people to transform their lives by connecting through travel, trade and technology. The exchange of ideas, goods and resources is a powerful force that has sparked transformational innovation in this century and throughout history.

FedEx believes that connecting the world also comes with responsibilities. As we enable the spirit of entrepreneurs everywhere, we also recognize the imperative for continued commitment to the world’s resources. At FedEx, we are vigilant about making transportation more sustainable, including substantive investments in clean fuel. We support making our communities safer and stronger. We partner with our customers, large and small, on streamlined solutions that allow them to participate efficiently in the global economy.

Take time to explore this year’s Access 25 list. Mobility is a megatrend that is supercharging the changes of the past 10 years and igniting opportunities that will shape our lives through the next decade. You’ll find that mobility is not only fueling a more prosperous and innovative world, it’s also creating a more caring one.


  1. Jason Wilkes - April 11, 2016

    Mr. Smith. Over the little time that I have been with this company, I have learned alot about how the world moves, & you have made a big part of that mobility a reality. MY dream of working at an airport let alone working for a company that was just really jumping off the ground 20 years ago, in my vision was astounishing to where this company is now & what I have learned from it. After all, it's a small world is not just a fantasy anymore, it's a reality.

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