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Introducing the 2014 Access 25

Introducing the 2014 Access 25

It’s our ranking of the people, places and ideas redefining global connectivity for 2014.

We don’t live in a shrinking world. We live in a more connected one.

It took Christopher Columbus nearly three months to cross the Atlantic. Today, your supply chain can jump that gap in hours. With a flick of your thumb, you can manage your business from the beach with your phone — just one of more than 6 billion mobile phones and devices that send 50 billion instant messages every day.

Yet, more than ever, it’s the littlest number that matters most: one. That’s the number of global connections it takes to change the world.

A tweet can launch a multi-billion-dollar business. One email can reengineer a market segment. A single package can lift up a community and even save lives.

At FedEx, we have a passion for making the connections that change the world. What will a more connected planet mean for all of us in 2014? We reached out to thought leaders around the world to find out, and the result is this year’s Access 25. We hope our list spurs conversation — and we encourage you to share your thoughts below.


  1. Sean Killion - January 23, 2014

    Well done FedEx Team! Another fantastic edition of the Access publication! We live in such an exciting time and your research clearly illustrates all of the hope & opportunity available in the global economy. My favorite of the Access 25 is "The Maker" movement being driven from the grass roots. I am fascinated by the entrepreneurs who come up with the relevant new products & services that go on to become "the next great thing".

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  2. Ramu Ivale - January 27, 2014

    Hello How are you doing all-of-you.

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  3. Basil Rouskas - January 27, 2014

    Access 25 is a terrific offering. It provides information to create frames for those who want to think strategically.
    Basil Rouskas

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  4. Cindy Curry - January 28, 2014

    Awesome information issue for Access 25! Present and Future Growth!

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  5. Jerry Kersey - January 29, 2014

    Please add to the Global Access

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  6. Walter White - January 29, 2014

    Well done! It's always very useful to check in on trends and new directions in different disciplines. It helps cross-pollinate ideas and stimulate innovation in problem-solving.

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  7. Katie Downen - February 3, 2014

    Very interesting, thanks, FedEx Team! I will be on the lookout for wearable tech like Fitness Trackers.

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  8. MayLyn - February 5, 2014

    I'm so exited to read the new Access magazine and keep updated as a volunteer at FedEx on this website!

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  9. Betty Zee - February 17, 2014

    Thank you for your splendid good work. Access 25 – it tells us the kinds of global revolutions and the things that are happening around us, economically, technically and some corners that need to have more attention like the Food Bank.. wish we can do more and keep the world even warmer ..

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  10. Glenn G. Grube - March 22, 2014

    All of they have an essential tidbit of information.

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  11. Alan Bishop - May 6, 2014

    Access is a quality read. Well done.

    Regarding the growth in international e-business, does FedEx have plans to offer international mail (small packet) services?

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    • Access Team - May 16, 2014

      Thank you for your comment. FedEx currently offers International MailService, handling the time-consuming tasks of bulk mailing, such as sorting, stamping and calculating foreign postage. This is a contract-only service, and to learn more you can visit http://www.fedex.com/us/international-mail-service

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  12. Katie Downen - May 12, 2014

    Really enjoy ACCESS. The Toyota article about Kaizen was my favorite.

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  13. Lydia - September 21, 2014

    Informative article, totally what I needed.

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  14. Kehinde Madison - December 16, 2014

    Read about the magazine. My experiences have had a bottom line. Would like to know….. more.

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