Empowering tomorrow’s global entrepreneurs

At FedEx, we believe entrepreneurs help build the connections that can power the world. And because we also believe a more connected world is a better world, we proudly support global entrepreneurial education.

Junior Achievement FedEx Access Award

We’ve been a proud sponsor of Junior Achievement [JA] since 1997. A big part of our sponsorship is the Junior Achievement FedEx Access Award.

This award recognizes student-run businesses that best exhibit the principles of global connectivity. Junior Achievement Global Student Company of the Year competitors dive into a curriculum that covers trade, job creation, global logistics and more. Along the way, they learn how their businesses can open new markets and create products and services that improve lives.

They use those concepts to create business plans, annual reports and trade fair exhibits. A panel of judges evaluates each team’s efforts. Awards are presented each year to teams in the Americas, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Middle East.

This 10-minute presentation will give you everything you need to know to qualify your business for the Junior Achievement FedEx Access Award. Be sure to watch the whole presentation through to the end. You’ll be given instructions you’ll need to complete your award eligibility.


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Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Build Connections Today

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