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Watch: Same-Day Sustainability

Sustainability and recycling have been central to Denver-based Stadium Auto Parts' business for more than 70 years.

Denver-based Stadium Auto Parts already had a high-tech approach to sustainability. A new delivery option has allowed it to build on that approach — and boost its productivity in the process.

Over the last few decades, the concept of sustainability has gained traction in corporate circles. Big business is realizing that recycling and similar earth-friendly initiatives resonate well with customers and can even boost profitability.

That idea is nothing new for Denver-based Stadium Auto Parts. Since its founding in 1945, sustainability has been the key to the family-run operation’s business model. The company recycles and refurbishes parts from damaged cars and trucks and sells them to repair shops in the Denver area. Over the last 70 years, it’s perfected a remarkably efficient approach to that work. By its own estimates, it can recycle up to 90 percent of a totaled vehicle — everything from doors and distributor caps to hoods, hubcaps, windshields, wheels, and more.

Each part is cleaned, tested, and logged into an online inventory management system. The system is also highly efficient for Stadium Auto Parts’ customers. Local repair shops simply log in and order the part(s) they need.

That convenience is particularly important when it comes to auto repairs. When a car is in the shop, everyone — the vehicle owner, repair shop, and insurance provider — is eager to see it repaired quickly and back on the road again. For years, however, Stadium Auto Parts faced an issue getting parts delivered on time once an order was placed. The company had long relied on independent contract drivers for deliveries. However, because trucks break down and drivers call in sick, reliable, timely delivery was always a challenge. “We used to get a lot of calls and complaints from customers asking where the parts were. We couldn’t say when they’d be delivered,” says Amy Wright, operations manager, noting that the company averages more than 20 parts deliveries per day. “Nobody wants to hear that maybe they’ll get what they need tomorrow.”

A solution emerged when Stadium Auto Parts began using FedEx SameDay® City, a service that provides reliable door-to-door delivery of time-sensitive shipments. The results were nearly immediate, as repair shops began receiving their parts orders within hours. One result: Stadium Auto Parts’ internal customer satisfaction index numbers rose dramatically. Another: It cut delivery costs by close to 50 percent. The company’s employees are happier, too. “FedEx SameDay City has made life easier for the sales department and shipping and receiving,” says Production Manager Robert Nichols.

Those results are also helping boost sustainability around the country. Stadium Auto Parts is a member of Team PRP — Premium Recycled Parts — a national network of 140 independent parts recyclers. After seeing how the service has worked for Stadium Auto Parts, Team PRP leadership is making FedEx SameDay City the standard. “We’re seeing great success,” says Regional Director Mike Jones. “We’re in the process of rolling it out to other recyclers.”


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