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Meet the Problem-Solvers Reshaping Our Tomorrow

Meet the Problem-Solvers Reshaping Our Tomorrow

David J. Bronczek, president and COO, FedEx Corp., introduces the innovative new leaders of the future.

In this issue of Access magazine, we’re introducing you to people across the globe who are developing game-changing trends and making their mark on the future.

You’ll meet Denver’s mayor, Michael Hancock, who is reshaping the city into a world-class innovation center. Others, like 35-year-old Adil Dhalla of Toronto, lead collaborative spaces where entrepreneurs are working together to bring about social change. And then there’s Benji Coetzee, 32, whose start-up idea took the top prize at Cape Town, South Africa’s, most recent SA Innovation Summit. Our interviews with them discuss how smart, creative energy can inspire new ways of thinking for all of us, no matter where we live.

Denver, Toronto and Cape Town are just three of 40 cities that The Economist Intelligence Unit (the research arm of The Economist magazine) included in the FedEx sponsored study An Entrepreneur’s Perspective: Today’s World Through the Eyes of the Young Innovator, which you will also find in this issue of Access.

You will see this same passion for innovation driving other leaders featured in this issue:

  • Learn about Samasource Founder and CEO Leila Janah, who’s bringing digital work to the world’s poorest people.
  • Meet the brilliant young minds transforming the Colombian city of Medellín.
  • See how Hyperbola Founder and CEO Tina Wang has built a business on a unique blend of high-performance fabrics.

At FedEx, innovation is in our DNA. We celebrate ideas and innovations that connect people and possibilities around the world — and we’re proud to shine a light on these new faces of the future.


  1. Don - February 16, 2018

    It would be encouraging for FedEx to enable Design Thinking participants to use their time as either training or community service rather than vacation.
    Some programs like the Memphis Innovation Bootcamp often solve community problems Leveraging GoNimble by Lokion's real-life experience application model.

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  2. Helen - February 17, 2018

    Even though I left FedEx in 2009, I still love to keep up with the ongoing leadership that FedEx has shown in the world of innovation. So proud to have been a part of it for 30+ years.

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  3. Kaazim - April 14, 2018

    I am now exploring ways to better serve my community through inovative ideas and entrepreneurship.

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