Google’s Margo Georgiadis Talks M-commerce

Google’s Margo Georgiadis Talks M-commerce

The president of Google’s operations in the Americas discusses the critical nature of “micro-moments” and how companies can react to the high-speed climb in mobile device usage.

Margo Georgiadis has a unique perspective on the evolution of mobile commerce. As president of Americas Operations at Google, she leads the company’s commercial initiatives in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. And in the last few years, those projects have increasingly focused on mobile applications, particularly mobile commerce — or m-commerce, as it’s often termed.

ACCESS: What role will m-commerce play in the web’s future?

MARGO GEORGIADIS: We’re in the early days of m-commerce — both in terms of purchasing online and with mobile as a form of payment in stores. But both areas are growing. Smartphones are rapidly gaining share of online shopping, growing by more than 60 percent in the last year. The most recent estimates from Forrester note that mobile transactions will reach 54 percent of online annual sales — a staggering $293 billion — by 2018.

M-commerce is also gaining attention in stores as well. A Google Consumer Survey found that 40 percent of respondents would be likely to use their smartphones to pay in stores during the 2015 holiday season. The next generation of shoppers has been using smartphones since kindergarten. I wouldn’t be surprised to see mobile as a major driver of both online and store commerce within a few years.


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