The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit

FedEx customer Christy Ng has tapped local artisans and the power of online customization to build a global brand from scratch.

Six years ago, Christy Ng was a pharmaceutical rep with a daydream of creating her own shoe company. Today, the 27-year-old Malaysian entrepreneur oversees a shoe and apparel business that’s emerging as a global brand.

What happened? It started with a social media post. Shortly after taking the pharmaceutical job in 2010, she uploaded a handful of her shoe designs to Facebook. The response was swift and overwhelming — people wanted to buy the shoes. That was the spark Ng needed. She used her savings to launch an e-commerce site and recruited local artisans to create her products.


When we started seeing people from other countries ordering from our website, we knew we were onto something.
— Christy Ng
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