Atima Lui

Atima Lui

The Sudanese-American founder and CEO of Nudest has innovated a way to connect women to a new world of fashion and beauty products, not to mention a boost in confidence.

During her last semester at Harvard Business School, Atima Lui turned down a prime Silicon Valley tech job to pursue a higher purpose: improving the confidence of dark-skinned women and girls. She built her company, Nudest, around the “Nudemeter” — technology that matches a woman’s skin tone to one of 54 in its system to perfect-match products, including lingerie and hosiery. “We’re now adding a machine-learning aspect to it,” Lui says. “So it’s actually getting smarter and more accurate every time we scan someone’s skin.”

Last year, her idea drew particular interest — and investment — after she won a top prize in the National Black MBA Association Scale-Up Pitch Challenge, sponsored in part by FedEx. Access connected with Lui at her New York office to learn more about what she has up her sleeve.


PHOTO: Keziban Barry

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