How Young Innovators Are Connecting the World

How Young Innovators Are Connecting the World

A new generation of innovation is reshaping the way we live, work and play. Here are 20 of the people, places and ideas bringing us closer to the future.

Talking about the world moving faster than ever is nothing new. Yet, the idea that change will never be as slow as it is now feels like it’s picking up extra momentum — and some people are a good step or two (or a thousand or a million) ahead.

Take college freshman and Paradox Robotics CEO Simone Braunstein, who’s pioneering soft robotics for researchers. Or the team at the Center of Molecular Immunology in Havana, Cuba, that has developed an innovative treatment for lung cancer. Or the minds addressing the world’s basic needs of light, water and food in ingenious new ways. For them, the future is now. We call them Young Innovators.

Young Innovators aren’t necessarily millennials — they’re younger, older and, oftentimes, simply in an innovative state of mind. They’re disrupting their industries. They’re looking beyond their backyards. And they’re in it not just for their own good but for the good of others. Each and every one of them, along with the places they work and the ideas they produce, is fueling the promise and potential of their customers and communities. More and more, the world is their audience.

At FedEx, we believe that when we connect people and possibilities, businesses prosper, communities flourish and people thrive. Those connections, in turn, make the world more innovative, more sustainable and more caring. For proof, look no further than this list. Welcome to The Access FYI: The FedEx Young Innovators List of the people, places and ideas defining global opportunity and connectivity.

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