This story is from the 2016 Access 25: How Mobility is Reshaping the Globe. Explore more from this issue

A Welcome Sight

Rural healthcare challenges get a mobile solution.

Access to healthcare in rural and outlying areas is in critical condition around the world. Modern healthcare advances are often unavailable to people who lack the ability to get to large urban centers. The problem is particularly acute among children under the age of 5 — UNICEF estimates that 29,000 die every day, often from preventable causes.

One answer has emerged in the form of mobile clinics that deliver health professionals to remote areas, allowing them to treat illnesses and conditions before they become worse (and more costly to treat). There are hundreds of such initiatives on the move around the world. Perhaps the most ambitious is the U.S. Doctors in Africa project, which is five years into a project to send 200 mobile health clinics and 2,000 nurses and doctors to sub-Saharan African communities.

A particularly compelling example: Last year, the FedEx Express Eye Clinic in a Box brought much-needed eye exams to villagers in rural Chiapas, Mexico as part of the 25 year, 25 solutions program.

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