This story is from the 2016 Access 25: How Mobility is Reshaping the Globe. Explore more from this issue

A Whole New Altitude

Wi-Fi in the sky? It’s here.

People want to be connected. But that’s a challenge in parts of the world where internet service is thwarted by a lack of fiber, towers and other infrastructure. That’s not stopping companies from finding creative solutions in the form of drones and balloons that remain in an area to stream Wi-Fi signals. Google and Facebook are already testing drones. (Facebook’s is solar-powered and wider than a 747.) And Tesla/SpaceX founder Elon Musk has asked the federal government for permission to use a fleet of 4,000 tiny satellites to beam internet service from outer space.

Many hurdles remain, from maintaining steady connections to government regulations — not to mention keeping these digital flying objects from being shot down. Still, this
promises to help connect millions around the globe.

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