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President and CEO of FedEx Express, Raj Subramaniam, posing for photo in front of city backdrop

A World Where Everyone Can Take Part in Prosperity

Raj Subramaniam, president and COO of FedEx Corp., discusses how innovation — in its fullest expression — serves everyone.

President and CEO of FedEx Express, Raj Subramaniam, posing for photo in front of city backdrop

In today’s highly connected world, it’s hard to believe there was a time, not long ago, when motor vehicles, indoor plumbing and vaccines were innovative. As those innovations spread in the United States and around the world within the last century, society quickly began to change. Businesses and communities flourished, and standards of living skyrocketed.

Equally dramatic innovations are in the works today. Some of them, though, are being met with skepticism — even fear. People wonder: Who stands to benefit from this change? But innovation, in its fullest expression, serves everyone. The goal might seem lofty or implausible, but history proves we’ve done it before. And the present shows signs that we still know how to put it into practice.

For proof, take a look at what’s happening in Chile, the focus of our cover story. There, a crowd-lending
start-up named Cumplo is connecting borrowers and investors with mutually beneficial interest rates. Renewable energy is on the rise, now accounting for 20 percent of the electricity produced across the country. College students are learning the importance of social purpose — not just profit — and applying those principles to work across industries.

At FedEx, we celebrate the ideas and innovations that connect people and possibilities around the world. You see it in our support of the Better Bus Challenge in India, where teams are developing cutting-edge solutions to the booming demand for better mass transit. You see it in our work with relief organizations such as the American Red Cross, Direct Relief and Team Rubicon to respond to disasters more swiftly and effectively. And you see it in how we connect our customers to possibilities — from Rumi Spice to Patagonia, both with inspiring stories we’re proud to feature in this issue.

– Raj Subramaniam, President and Chief Operating Officer, FedEx Corp.

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