Scrabble Entertainment: Behind the Scenes

Discover how Scrabble masters, subtitles (if necessary) and delivers movies around the globe faster than anyone in the Eastern Hemisphere.

March 2013

With a young workforce arriving from around Mumbai, Scrabble headquarters has all the energy you’d expect of a rapidly growing media company.

Enjoy a strong cup of “cutting chai” — the Indian subcontinent’s version of an espresso shot — as Meghnathan Naidu shows you around.

Naidu is head of digital cinema at Scrabble. This is Scrabble’s other business — are you sensing an entrepreneurial theme here? — the mastering and subtitling of movies prior to final distribution.

“What makes digital cinema different [from analog], is that the quality is the same whether you view the film once or a thousand times,” Naidu says. He’s standing just steps away from towering stacks of hard drives, each encrypted with a copy of Life of Pi: 3D. Destination: Bangalore.

Naidu and his team of young technicians work around the clock, in shifts, seven days a week. Thanks to their work, Scrabble has developed a unique ability to master, subtitle (if necessary) and deliver movies around the globe faster than anyone in the Eastern Hemisphere.

“You learn on the job here,” Naidu says. “Things move fast.”

This Mumbai office employs 25 full-time workers and is growing at a 20 percent clip, as outbound hard-drive shipments have doubled. Revenue growth is off the charts. Naidu is constantly bringing in new talent. His lab is a key part of Scrabble’s operation, one that Bollywood increasingly relies on.

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