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eero home wi-fi

Connectivity From Corner to Corner

See how start-up eero makes home Wi-Fi reliable, fast and easy.

June 2017


eero home wi-fi
eero on iPhone

Nick Weaver was sick of having to provide tech support for his friends’ and family’s constantly misbehaving Wi-Fi networks — so he founded a start-up dedicated to making home Wi-Fi reliable, fast and easy. Meet eero, a seamless system that creates a truly connected home through multiple “pucks” (they’re roughly the size of a hockey puck) that communicate with each other to decentralize router traffic, eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots and bottlenecks. With smart appliances, digital assistants and other devices now jockeying with phones, computers, tablets and laptops for home network bandwidth, eero ensures that every device is always near a Wi-Fi broadcasting access point. The user-friendly setup app tells users exactly where to place each puck. Frequent software upgrades based on data aggregated from all users keep the experience improving continuously. Plus, eero is far more attractive than your average router: Named after architect Eero Saarinen, eero’s elegant white curves echo Saarinen’s design for the TWA Flight Center (now Terminal 5) at JFK International Airport in New York City.

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