Contribute to Access Magazine

Contribute to Access

Are you a subject matter expert or thought leader in your industry? Tell us what drives you. What fuels your passion. How you’re making a difference.

Contribute to Access Magazine

Access, the FedEx global thought-leadership platform, is currently accepting new contributors on the topics of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, open borders, social responsibility, e-commerce and more.

Access celebrates the ideas and innovations that connect people and possibilities around the world. Launched by FedEx in 2006, Access shares stories digitally at and through a print magazine, with a focus on:

  • Entrepreneurship — new ways of working, start-up successes, entrepreneurial hubs
  • Innovation and technology — new products and solutions, emerging technologies and trends, industry disruptors
  • Open borders — the global marketplace, trade agreements, access to global talent and resources
  • Social responsibility — purpose-driven companies, broader benefits of social good, empowering innovators and entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce — digital economy success stories and trends, accessing new customers, fulfilling customer needs

Contributors may be called on to write articles on topics related to their expertise, contribute to larger trend pieces as industry experts, provide feedback and quotes, and participate in other activities such as Twitter chats or panels at events.

Interested? Send us a note:

Please ensure topic relates to our focus areas.