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Cross-Border E-Commerce

International shopping habits are in for big changes in the years ahead.

January 2015

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When it comes to cross-border e-commerce, there’s some disagreement over the size of the market. Some analysts peg it at $80 billion, others say it’s closer to $100 billion. But practically everyone agrees the numbers will soar over the next decade. Why? Numerous factors, including the rise of the developing world’s digitally connected consuming class. E-commerce platforms such as China’s DHgate that allow businesses and individuals to buy directly from factories. Even the coming competitive battles between Amazon, Alibaba, Russian e-tailer Ozon and others.

Before long, buying boots from Beijing or fabrics from Finland will be an entirely different — and more common — experience.

Want to check out cross-border e-commerce in action? Watch a video to see FedEx customer Mushmina empowering Moroccan craftspeople.

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