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E-commerce will be on the other side of a tipping point in 2014, making it an even bigger player in our increasingly global, borderless economy.

January 2014

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HERE’S THE BIG NEWS: North America is now No. 2 in e-commerce, trailing the Asia Pacific region — which, by the way, is growing at more than twice the rate of North America in terms of e-commerce sales, according to eMarketer Worldwide.

There are implications here for everything from supply chain management to local zoning and retail development. For many sectors of the economy, the proliferation of mobile devices among a growing middle class, coupled with show-rooming and cocooning, are making yesterday’s retail strategies obsolete. (Just ask the big-box stores.)

Whether you’re a multinational based in Kyoto or a mom-and-pop based in Kansas, a truly global e-commerce sourcing and distribution strategy is more critical to business survival every day.

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