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Disrupting the recruitment industry

Getting Hired: Three Companies Revolutionizing Recruiting

Meet the companies disrupting the recruitment industry through video games, social media and rediscovered resumes.

Disrupting the recruitment industry

For many workers, passion for what you do is a key factor when choosing a career and employer. But if that passion quickly dissipates — or, dare say, wasn’t ever truly there — it often leads to lost productivity and high turnover. Another price of an unhappy employee? It can cost twice as much to replace someone as it would to pay them a year’s salary.

How can technology help prevent poor fits and place people in the jobs that best suit them? Three companies are tackling that question from different angles.

Gamified Talent Assessment

Scoutible uses artificial intelligence to collect data points as job candidates play a 20-minute video game. The decisions candidates make, how much risk they take, how they respond to adversity — everything gives clues to how they’ll perform in a particular job. The game is customized to assess skill sets and personality traits important for specific roles.

Making Friends with Companies

Tokyo-based entrepreneur Akiko Naka — who was profiled in The Economist Intelligence Unit’s report An Entrepreneur’s Perspective: Today’s World Through the Eyes of the Young Innovator, sponsored by FedEx — created Wantedly, a “social recruiting” site to connect workers and employers with similar passions. Job seekers and employers can connect on a more casual basis to learn more about one another outside of the formal application and interview process. “It’s like turning your Facebook and Twitter into job boards,” Naka says. Since its launch six years ago, the platform has connected users around the world with more than 25,000 companies. “As we expand our services into three different cities now — Singapore, Hong Kong and Berlin — we hope to grow the number of people who are excited about their work, to create a world where work drives passion,” Naka says.

Finally, A Use for Those Resumes “On File”

One of the most unique offerings of Restless Bandit, a high-tech recruiting firm, is the ability to “rediscover” talent from the existing pool of candidates who weren’t chosen for the job they applied for — but who might be right for another position. Restless Bandit updates resumes with the latest work history available on the web and auto-matches them against open positions.

PHOTO ABOVE: Akiko Naka, CEO, Wantedly

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