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Building on the successful U.S. National Export Initiative, the enhanced NEI/NEXT will make it even easier for U.S. businesses to connect to global markets.

January 2015

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While 95 percent of global consumers live outside U.S. borders, only a fraction of U.S. companies export, and 58 percent of those companies sell to only one market. Since 2010, the Obama Administration’s National Export Initiative (NEI) has been trying to change that — and largely succeeding.

Under the NEI, the U.S. had four straight record-breaking years of exports — hitting an all-time high of $2.3 trillion in 2013 — up $700 billion from 2009. The newly enhanced NEI/NEXT effort makes finding customers easier, boosts access to financing, and lowers barriers to exporting, including streamlining reporting requirements and processes.

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