Asia Pacific Shipping with FedEx

FedEx Talks Trade in The Wall Street Journal

What’s at stake for small and medium-size businesses in the TPP trade talks? David L. Cunningham of FedEx Express tells The Wall Street Journal.

November 2013

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Asia Pacific Shipping with FedEx

Joseph Sternberg at The Wall Street Journal recently sat down with David Cunningham, president of Asia Pacific Division of FedEx Express, to discuss this fall’s Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Bali, Indonesia.

Sternberg writes: “The nature of [the FedEx] shipping and delivery business gives Mr. Cunningham insight into key elements of trade policy with which Asian leaders in general and TPP negotiators in particular are grappling.”

So what’s at stake? This is what Cunningham had to say:

“It’s about the ability for small and medium-size companies to be able to take advantage of the economic opportunities of selling their goods and services…on a basis broader than the neighborhood in which they live,” he says. In his telling, TPP is a necessary ingredient for turning all that 21st-century hype about e-commerce into reality, and prosperity:

You can read Sternberg’s complete story in The Wall Street Journal. Please note that a subscription is required.

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