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DeepMind machine learning

Using Artificial Intelligence to Fight Illness

DeepMind is bringing machine learning to one of the least predictable machines: the human body.

February 2018


DeepMind machine learning

Seven-year-old British artificial intelligence (AI) start-up DeepMind made big waves in 2015 when its program beat a professional player in the ancient Chinese game of go. But the latest venture for the Google-owned company promises something more life-changing and even, as some experts say, death-defying. Using a secure mobile app — one that makes it easy for hospitals and clinics to safely share data — DeepMind is looking in the future to apply a layer of machine learning that can quickly zero in on diagnosing an illness, arming doctors with more ammunition to fight disease than ever before. In a world where the benefits of AI can be hotly debated, it’s looking like the company is on to a real win-win.

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